No limits with Navigator Storm

Off-road cycling, or graving biking, is here to stay. Just a few years ago, it was a hobby only for the super fanatic cyclist; today, it has a concept all its own. Enjoying nature, adventuring together, the physical challenge, and the sustainable lifestyle. Off-road cycling requires next-level equipment. Meet your new, adventurous buddy.Navigator Storm keeps its head above water under all conditions. Fully waterproof, high-quality materials, and a stylish appearance. Takes you from home to the wild and back again. No matter the weather. With Navigator Storm, you get the job done. Whether you're going off-road or cycling to work. This line allows you to go either way.


These weekends are why I cycle. The pace is easy, the camaraderie comfortable and being in nature does us all good.

// Bram de Beurs

On a biking adventure with friends. Bram enjoys spending his weekends with his friends on their bicycles. Cycling along beautiful routes across the moorlands and through the forests. "During the trip, we look for an unspoiled spot to spend the night. That is what pure freedom feels like to us. Everyone brings some goodies for the barbecue. We share tall tales, laugh with each other, and daydream about our cycling adventures. With the Navigator Storm bags, we can carry everything we need. That makes our cycling adventure even better.”

CLICK, that's MIK

Good preparation is half the battle. With MIK, you can change your bicycle accessories in seconds. With the new MIK Studs, you can easily take panniers from the Navigator Storm line on the road. More possibilities, more storage, more convenience.